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Custom Made Jewellery 珠寶定制

Barry Lau Design specialises in custom made jewellery, included engagement ring, wedding ring and anniversary jewellery etc. Being a jewellery designer, we are able to create any design you have in mind. Whether you have an idea, a picture, or need some creative inspiration, you can design with us to make your vision a reality.


Barry Lau Design專門定制珠寶,包括訂婚戒指,結婚戒指和周年紀念珠寶等。作為珠寶設計師,我們能夠創造任何您想要的設計。 無論你有一個想法,一個圖片,或需要一些創造性的靈感,你可以與我們一起設計,使你的願景成為現實。

Our order 我們的訂單 :

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